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If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner in Los Angeles, chances are that you’ve already started to take the necessary steps towards amplifying Black-owned businesses. Whether you’re looking to throw your support behind other entrepreneurs in the city or just trying to make sure that your own operations are upstanding and equitable, there’s no denying that L.A. is quickly becoming a hub for innovative Black-led enterprises. With this blog post, we’re shining light on some of these incredible voices in order to further boost their impact! So get ready cause it’s time to get real about how amplifying these amazing talents can be approached with confidence.


The private chef

With years of experience working in the culinary industry, I’m a savvy personal chef bringing delicious flavors to all kinds of events. From international travel catering and private dinners to tastings and social gatherings – no event is too big or small! Plus as an experienced consultant, I also provide top-notch staffing solutions for any occasion you can think up.

Nicole REDD

Pastry Chef

Making people’s milestones special and memorable is my absolute joy! And what better way to celebrate than with delicious, customized cakes? Whether it’s a huge occasion or simply an everyday accomplishment – let me help you honor the moment. Let your love shine through in every bite of cake I create for couples just like you!

Tamira Wells

the new heritagebrand

New Heritage made a splash onto the fashion scene in 1988 when founders Cynthia Belinda Wells Jones & Rodney Jones birthed their bold street wear brand. Bursting with dynamic graphics and an appreciation of African American culture, it’s no wonder why stars such as Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock and the Wayans Brothers were seen donning New Heritage designs on shows like Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air or Living Color! Nowadays Tamira is determined to further expand this story and create her own unique legacy with the brand.


Kali Amour

Fashion Stylist

Fashion has given me a purpose in life — to create beautiful, unique looks and make others feel confident. With each new experience I gain more knowledge about how styles work together and it drives my ambition for greatness! It’s been an amazing journey so far but there’s still plenty of room for growth as I use creativity to explore fashion from every angle.

Derrick Smith


For the past 20 years, I have been a part of the fashion industry and worked with some big names such as Hugo Boss and Barney’s. Yet despite this exposure to luxury labels, I was left feeling something was missing – which is why after all these years in Euro Fashion, it became apparent that something needs to be done for those people at ground level who need help most. So following my passion ,I took matters into my own hands by starting an independent project aimed at responding directly to their day-to-day struggles on the front line .

It’s incredible to witness the amazing strides that this group of black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs have undertaken in revolutionizing their communities. From creating new experiences to building innovative businesses, they are each making a lasting impression in Los Angeles. They have demonstrated the power that comes with claiming a stake in something greater than themselves and have proven themselves as precursors to an even brighter future. We must continue to motivate and encourage each other as we work together toward change. So, check out and support these five standouts on their journey to create a better tomorrow for all! Let them be beacons of light for those still traveling down their own paths; it’s through their hard work that we can begin achieving racial equality and dismantling systematic racism propagated by white supremacy. Together, it is possible for us to make progress when we unify against injustice one step at a time. Issa Rae said it best: “I am my ancestor’s wildest dreams!


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