Real Talk About Unrealistic Expectations and setting goals for success

Ditch the Stress:

Let’s spill the tea on a real issue we’ve all faced – setting ourselves up for failure with unrealistic expectations. I’ve been there, chasing the sun with a camera, racing against time for newsletters, and stressing over self-imposed due dates. Sound familiar?

Reality Check: Are those deadlines really serving you, or did you create a whirlwind of stress? Let’s drop the unrealistic expectations and embrace a more realistic, friendly schedule that aligns with our actual lives. No more stressing over things that aren’t feasible – it’s time to be better and create a schedule that works for YOU and setting goals for success!

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Tips for Success:

  1. Flexible Calendar: Let’s break free from rigid schedules. Craft a calendar that dances to the rhythm of your life. That means adding self-care and days off.
  2. Monthly/Quarterly Outlines: Say goodbye to daily chaos. Plan strategically on a broader scale to ease the pressure. Remember audiences do not respond to a one time code it’s something that they have to see consistently overtime so spread out your deadlines and your marketing so that it can really serve you if you’re stressing about a one day deadline what are you gonna do the next day? But if you look at the big picture of how many time do you want someone to see your messaging? Monthly and quarterly outlines can one create less stress and two create more impact
  3. Realistic Goals: Challenge yourself, but don’t overwhelm. Real success comes from achievable goals. Goals dont have to be these huge monumental life changing goals some goals can be, post three times a week or easiest post two times a week and send one newsletter. Be realistic if you’re starting from 0 don’t go all the way to 100 set something that you can grow and maintain.
  4. Consistency is Key: Stick to the schedule you decide on. Consistency is the secret sauce! The space of over consuming content people are looking for something consistent something they can rely on. A space where people know that they can rely on your piece of content or your newsletter on a certain day and that certain time and stick to it they start to look forward to it especially when you’re messaging and the things you’re providing or a value
  5. Planning Tools: Once you decide on how often you want to show up and how you want to show up make it outline and make a plan you can use tools. Dive into tools like the Go-Getter Planner. It flexibly aligns with YOUR goals and aspirations.

The ultimate goal planning planner. Set your goals, aspirations, and desires, and create a plan to achieve everything you dreamed of.

Remember, your journey should be as fabulous as you are! Let’s create a business life that’s stress-free, realistic, and totally boss at setting goals for success!

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