How often should I take branding photos?

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So you launched your business but you’re still hiding behind your product or services. or do you still rely on that well-lit selfies to handle all your social media and marketing posts? Sound like you? What are branding photos?

Branding photos are a collection of images that represent your brand’s visual identity. It is the visual personality of your brand, it is how your future clients connect with you. They should be consistent with your brand’s message, style, and tone. These photos should include headshots of you and your team, product shots, lifestyle photos, and more.

Think of your Images as the sprinkles on top of the Sunday, the final touch, the razzle-dazzle of all your hard work/.

you have invested all this money and time in your business why don’t you do it justice and showcase your product or service with photography that shows off what you do and the amazing person behind the brand?

Can you use selfies to brand yourself?

Imagine scrolling through yelp and you have the chose between 2 doctors’ offices. Both have equal credentials and schooling but Dr. 1 invest in a polished headshot for him/ her and their staff orDr. 2 posted a selfie from the baseball game he/she went to last month. Honestly, who are you booking?


Your potential clients are making the same decisions at first glance as well.

Don’t get me wrong a good selfie is great….. for filler content or ig stories. But when we are talking about your brand aesthetic we (and I’ll include myself in there) have to come correct. We ( and again I’ll include myself in this) have to show our potential clients and buyers the level of professionalism that comes when they invest in us.

As a business owner and as a personal branding photographer I completely understand the importance of updating your content and elevating your brand with professional images.

I am a Los Angeles small business when should I elevate my branding photo?

So how often should you take your branding photos? Minimum twice a year and highly suggested quarterly. Your marketing changes quarterly why wouldn’t your images? Use your content calendar to help design your photography session. Launching a new product or service? Introducing new team members to your audience? Included them in your branding sessions. So ideally you want to leave all your branding sessions with more than pretty pictures and leave with a visual representation of your business and marketing plan.

personal branding for Black women business owners

How to use your branding images?

Branding images are not just a “hey world here I am the face behind the brand” Your visual content images, if planned out correctly are your marketing material, your promo content, social media covers, Pinterest pages, newsletter, infographic, profile picture, linked in profile etc, the list can go on.

How I approach branding images:

A lot of photographer approach branding differently. I approach branding with a mix of strategy, planning, and a whole bunch of fun and of course champagne.

Once I have a client onboarded we start the planning process and go through a series of questions to make sure we create a shot list that going to give you marketable images, and social media layout and create your brand identity.

Download the branding guide and review some of the branding question worksheets.

personal branding stock photos for black entrepreneurs
personal branding photography

A branding session typically involves the following

we collaborate together to design a session that empowers you as a business owner, captures your authentic self, joy and give you the confidence to market that business you work so hard on.

I am confident we will create brand photos for your business that you will love and will set you apart from your competition.

I have helped numerous Los Angeles small businesses elevate their branded content.

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