Hey Friend!
I'm Kenisha,

I am a branding photographer, studio owner, and hype women for creative business owners. 
A little back story about me and how I became your branding photographer. I left my career in fashion design ( after 14 years of designing for some of the largest retailers in the world) in 2018 in search of a new passion. I was in search to reclaim my time and spend it on things that brought me joy. I wasn't sure what i wanted to do next, so I took some time off and backpacked through Europe and parts of Africa to figure out my next career move.
After visiting 34 countries i found the one thing that was consistent in my  adventure was my camera. I came back home and kicked started my photography career in 2019. I haven't put down my camera since.
I love making people feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera so that we can capture beautiful images that really reflect who they are. I don't believe in posies or feeling stiff in front of the camera, we focus on capturing moments  and highlighting what you do.

Los Angeles photographer

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Fluent in sarcasm and english

A little about me !

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Kenisha, but you can call me K!


San Diego, CA

Fashion design + Marketing

Wine tasting, cooking and traveling

Usa & Belize 

90's RNB and Afro beat

My talent isn't taking photos its is helping my clients show up authentically and unapologetically themselves...... with bomb photos.

Here you'll find client wins highlights, and new tips for branding, marketing, and business.