Amplifying Black-Owned Businesses: Brand Makeover Sessions

Let’s celebrate and support the diversity of our society by lifting up black-owned businesses! I’m working with local companies to give them a brand makeover session, helping showcase their amazing work to an even wider audience. Let’s show everyone that when we come together as one community, anything is possible!

Black-owned businesses are an important source of economic empowerment for the Black community. By supporting these businesses, we can help create jobs, stimulate local economies, and foster entrepreneurship. Additionally, by diversifying the business landscape, we can ensure that a wider range of perspectives and experiences are represented in the products and services that we use every day.

Xandrea Garay

The Real Estate agent

As a full-time professional real estate agent, I pride myself on offering superior personal service before, during, and after your transaction. As a Realtor, my first priority is to make my clients happy. I  listen to my client’s wants and needs to achieve the best outcome in every transaction, and I strive to ensure that the buying or selling process is fun, easy, and stress-free. My clients can count on me any time of day when they have a question or a concern. Knowledge, commitment, honesty, expertise and professionalism are the cornerstone of my business. Let me earn your trust, your business and most importantly your friendship. Don’t make another move without me. I guarantee you will see the difference quality service makes. I look forward to working with you!

Imani nicole:

Elemental Breath LA,

At Elemental Breath LA, we specialize in stress relief, anxiety, burnout and healing from trauma through breathwork, meditation, and yoga. We support builders and dreamers in recognizing their personal power to go after their goals courageously.

We offer a range of services from 1:1 and group sessions, workshops to educational clinics and corporate wellness packages.

We plan to substantially expand our customer base of entrepreneurs, small business founders, and entrepreneurs more specifically those who manage increasingly more responsibility on top of being impacted by high-stress work environments.

We plan to organize off-site events and retreats for early stage companies and founders to help them unlock their potential while managing stress.

There are several ways that you can help amplify Black-owned businesses:

  1. Support Black-owned businesses with your purchases: Seek out Black-owned businesses and prioritize them when making purchases. By supporting these businesses, you can help ensure that they have the resources they need to grow and thrive.
  2. Share information about Black-owned businesses: Use your social media platforms to share information about Black-owned businesses that you support, and encourage others to do the same. The more visibility these businesses receive, the more likely they are to attract new customers.
  3. Invest in Black-owned businesses: If you have the resources, consider investing in Black-owned businesses. This can be a way to help these businesses grow and scale, and can also provide a return on investment.
  4. Advocate for policies that support Black-owned businesses: Advocate for policies at the local, state, and national level that supports Black-owned businesses. This can include measures such as tax incentives, grants, and access to capital.

Aryel Williams

A&W Exclusive Rentals

A&W Exclusive Rentals was created with a mission to provide black women with accessible, reliable transportation. We believe that black women are powerful and deserving of opportunity, and our company is committed to helping them thrive. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, we want to make sure you have everything you need to make your trip go smoothly. Our rental cars are clean and well-maintained, and our team is dedicated to providing the best possible service. Contact us today to learn more about our services, or visit our website to book your next rental car!

Amplifying Black-owned businesses is an important step toward creating a more equitable and inclusive world. By taking action to support these businesses, we can help break down systemic barriers and promote greater equality for all.

Jamari’a Hathorn

Jamari’a Hathorn is a Los Angeles-based model and entrepreneur. She represents herself and her business with passion, hard work, and dedication. Jamari’a knows that success takes persistence, resilience, and practice – and she is willing to put in the work to achieve her goals. Modeling is therapeutic for her and she loves doing it; she also believes it is a powerful tool for self-expression. Her goal is to inspire others through her journey and help them find their own voice.

Rosa Flournoy

Wellness provider

Rosa Flournoy is a Los Angeles native who is passionate about wellness. After working in the corporate world for many years, Rosa decided to start her own business, Convenient Concepts, which offers products and services that help people improve their holistic wellness. Rosa’s focus is on the mental component of wellness, and she wants to continue to advocate for it and build community around it. Her products and services are designed to help individuals learn how to make time for themselves and ease their minds.


These black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs in Los Angeles are making an amazing impact not only in their community but also in the business world. Their hard work and dedication is paying off and they are sure to continue to make a huge impact for years to come. Thank you for supporting them and be sure to check out their products and services!

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