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Destiny Johnson, a dedicated Bilingual Speech-Language Pathologist, stands as the driving force behind the Multimodal Communication Speech Clinic. As the founder and owner, Destiny’s passion lies in providing comprehensive pediatric speech-language services within the vibrant communities of Los Angeles and Orange County. Her commitment extends beyond the clinical realm; she ventures into virtual and home-based services, ensuring accessibility and convenience for her clients. At the core of Destiny’s mission is a heartfelt dedication to supporting her clients’ communication needs. However, her vision doesn’t stop there. She recognizes the pivotal role families play in this journey and strives to be not just their clinician but also a steadfast advocate. Destiny empowers families with knowledge, equipping them with the tools and understanding necessary to effectively advocate for their child’s needs. Destiny’s approach transcends traditional therapy; it embodies empathy, education, and empowerment. She believes in fostering a collaborative partnership with families, emphasizing the importance of continuous support throughout their journey.

A word from Destiny:

Multimodal Communication Speech Clinic is a pioneering entity specializing in personalized speech and language therapy services. At the forefront of innovation, our clinic uniquely tailors its offerings to cater to the diverse needs of our clients, providing services both in the comfort of their homes and virtually. Our commitment to delivering in-home services is rooted in our belief that the most natural and effective setting for addressing communication needs is within the familiar environment of one’s home. This personalized approach enables us to craft and implement therapies that seamlessly integrate into our clients’ daily lives. The convenience and flexibility of our in-home services exemplify our dedication to offering a concierge-style experience. By eliminating the need for families to commute to appointments, we ensure that our clients can focus on their progress without the added stress of travel. One of our standout features lies in our expertise as bilingual speech-language pathologists. With fluency in both English and Spanish, we bridge linguistic gaps, offering comprehensive services in both languages. This unique ability allows us to cater to a broader spectrum of individuals, providing therapy in their preferred language and ensuring inclusivity within our practice.

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