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At K.Gill  Photo, We specialize in creating unique personalized experience that captures your brand’s personality, highlighting the best features of yourself or your company for business professional, entrepreneurs, and creatives in the Los Angeles area to level up there business photos and standout and be seen by their ideal client 

Elevate your brand presence

"Are you looking to present yourself with stunning, high-quality images to effectively market yourself and captivate the attention of your dream clients? 

I am extremely passionate about helping entrepreneurs show up  online authentically themselves create a brand identity that represents the business they are passionate about and helping them step in front of their brand their dream and their business.

You deserve to elevate your brand show up authentically you and be seen.

If your ready to invest in you and be seen.


Build a powerful image library that captures your brand's personality and leaves a lasting impression.

Want to elevate your brand presence with captivating images that speak to your unique identity

With your new branding images, you can confidently market yourself and showcase your brand at the next level. It's time to celebrate, as these images have elevated your business to new heights!

How it works

Your branding journey


in 4 easy steps

We'll have a chat about your business and goals for the shoot, ensuring we're aligned to create the perfect visuals for you!


brand session

Through creative direction and personalized brand strategy, we'll work together to bring your brand vision to life, ensuring the shoot captures the essence of your unique identity.

gallery delivery

The focus of the shoot is to showcase who you are, what you do, and how you do it, ensuring the images reflect your unique identity and capture the essence of your brand

Creative direction and brand planning
Mood board
Branding consultation (30min) 
Strategy Call 
4 hr Photography Session 
Retouched Digital Images
Full gallery of color corrected images
Library of custom stock images
Unlimited Outfits
Up to 2 Locations
Makeup artist and glam team
Wardrobe Review 
The Gilded photo studio

The ultimate branding 
A personalized branding session that will cover your branding and marketing for your business. Brand strategy, mood board, creative concepts, unlimited outfits, and 4 hour of photography.

Mastering Personal Branding: 

Your Step-by-Step Video Series for Success

Spark new confidence with your brand presence

the personal brand expereince 

I've curated a list of my absolute favorite resources. If you're eager to level up your business download these guides.

what our clients are saying

- Xandrea Garay

"I loved working with Kenisha she was so fun and professional. She guided me on poses. I love my photos so much. She has a true gift."

- Jaronda Session

"My CEO  branding session with kenisha was nothing short of fun, vibrant, and amazing."

- Beth Boesche-Taylor

"Kenisha captured my professional style with such sparkle, I have no idea, but these are the best professional photos I have ever received."

Empower Your Vision and Achieve Your Goals with Our Goal Getter Guide - Master the Planning Process Today!

Master Professional Headshot Sessions with Our Essential Posing Guide - Elevate Your Image Today!

Unlock Your Brand's Full Potential with our Free Guide and Personal Branding Checklist. Streamline Your Brand Shoot Today

Mastering Personal Branding: 

Your Step-by-Step Video Series for Success

My favorite resources and tools


I've curated a list of my absolute favorite resources. If you're eager to level up your business download these guides.

Maximizing the Use of Your Branding Photos Across Social Accounts, Digital Content, Print Materials and build  brand awareness



Need additional information, please feel free to reach out to me. I am more than happy to assist you in any way I can


A headshot is a photograph of a person's head and shoulders, typically used for professional or business purposes, such as a profile picture on a social media platform, or on a company website. A personal branding shoot is a photo shoot that is specifically designed to visually communicate a person's personal brand, which includes their unique values, personality, and message. 


Crafting a powerful personal brand starts with visually communicating your unique values, personality, and message to the right people. Investing in professional photography for this purpose will not only build trust but also help create an eye-catching visual identity that sticks in viewers' minds. Plus you'll have a whole range of images at your disposal so you can make sure every post is on point!


The starting price for an luxury personal branding experience typically begins at $2400 on average.

What is the best location for my branding sessioins?

To achieve the best outcomes for your branding session, it's important to select locations that authentically reflect your style and personality while captivating the attention of your ideal clients. Together, we will  plan locations that aligns best with your brand, We will consider rented locations, studio spaces, coffee shops and office spaces. 

What is the brand planning process?

After scheduling a time to connect with me and learning more about your business. Together, we will  plan every aspect of your session, from location to poses and props  and everything in between.  We will design your shot list, review your marketing plan and define your branding needs.

What if i cant pose?

Feeling awkward in front in the camera. No worries at all. I will guide you through my favorite key poses and  actions.Throughout the session, you won't even have to worry about posing because I'll expertly guide you through effortless movements that feel genuine, authentic, and breathtakingly beautiful.


Immediately after your photo sessions, I provide my clients with access to their unedited images in their client portal. This allows you to review and select your desired final images. Once you've made your selections, the chosen photos will be  retouched and color corrected within 10 days of your selection date. Please note that if you need help selecting images we can schedule time to review your gallery together. If you're in need of expedited delivery and wish to receive your edited images sooner, a rush fee of $125 can be applied.
If you wish to acquire additional images beyond the included selection, you have the option to purchase them separately.

Let's bring your vision to life!


Limited availability. A 25% retainer and signed contract are required to reserve your date.

Thank you! Your message has been sent. We'll contact you within 24 hours.

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