Celebrating black-owned business and women history month

It’s no secret: minority- and women-owned businesses have huge potential to make an immense impact on the economy. But many don’t get the recognition they deserve, especially in Los Angeles, where small business owners can be overshadowed by larger companies. Here at K. Gill Photo, we’re determined to change that – starting by looking into the details of black-owned businesses and female entrepreneurs across this city! Read on to find out more about these local game changers and learn how their success can help influence other business owners in LA.



My business is based off of therapy for the body to help give my client a boost of self-confidence.

My vision is to create a space where people can feel replenished in life through the touch of healing from facials and a noninvasive way to plump the buttocks. My mission is to help give the knowledge of maintaining the youth and glow of our skin and physique which will help my clients feel more comfortable about themselves.

Doneisha Belton

I decided to get certified and now I help women truly heal From past traumas, achieve balance over burnout, holding them accountable while becoming the best version of themselves. I’ve truly turned my wounds into wisdom and love coaching into truly loving themselves as they strive to improve. I love what I do it’s so fulfilling doing what God created me to do.

Affirmation Effect

Our mission is to increase the self-worth and esteem of others through affirmation based apparel, accessories, and candles. We have been in business for almost nine years selling online and at vendor shows. Our plan this year is to get our products on the shelves of local and national retail stores.

Brandi Garay

I’m passionate about helping families build a strong financial future and leave their mark through real estate. It’s an exciting process, but one that shouldn’t be taken lightly – which is why I work hard to provide my clients with the tools necessary for success!

Jasmine Smith


Our mission is to remove the barriers that impact the overall health and well-being of Black women and young girls by increasing awareness of and access to healing through education, training, advocacy, and equitable healing practices from a decolonized lens. Our work is centered around anti-racist healing in response to historical, systemic, and generational racism and trauma. Our vision is to create a world where Black women and young girls have autonomy over their bodies by being free from oppressive healthcare services and gender and power based violence. Blossoming Souls Therapy provides mental health therapeutic services by BIPOC clinicians for BIPOC clients. To increase equity, I have open panels with insurance companies and also established a partnership with Open Path Collective to offer services on a sliding scale.

Labrena Coleman

Better You Solutions

I’ve been a fully certified Coaching Professional since 2021, helping my clients throughout the Nation assisting with reaching their personal and professional goals. The essence of my work is to facilitate self-growth by helping you identify the core challenges and setbacks in your life so that you can overcome them with confidence. I specialize in creating personalized plans and providing tools to guide you forward and achieve your desired goals.

Latisha Gaither

Abundance IQ

As a coach, my ultimate goal is to create a space for my clients that challenges them, removes any obstacles or “stucks” they are facing so they can create the life they want and walk in their purpose. Essentially, creating a life of abundance. My mission is to empower ambitious professionals to find their passion and purpose, while driving the greatest impact. I do this by providing coaching services: life coaching, mindset coaching, career coaching, interview preparation, resume and LinkedIn review, leadership coaching and more. My purpose is to help others achieve clarity while navigating their life journey. Working with underserved populations is my passion. Being able to provide these services to create generational wealth, eliminate the scarcity mindset and acknowledge possibility is of the highest importance to me. I an working on creating a platform that will provide free services to our youth as well as adults who need them. Additional, we will work with other coaches of color for mentorship. I will also be providing coaching for an all boys boarding school.

As we’ve seen, these businesses are at the forefront of innovation and empowerment for their respective fields. From finding creative ways to increase efficiency to creating educational resources for the public, these trailblazers have represented what’s possible in their field. They are inspiring us all to think differently; to explore potentials in opportunities that never presented themselves prior. Now is the moment to check out and support these amazing organizations as they continue to break barriers and create real impact on the world around them. It’s time we show our appreciation for the cutting-edge advances they have made, so let’s make sure we follow their journey, share their stories, and champion their successes! Issa Rae said it best: “I want people to be inspired by me and think that they can do something because I’m doing it.” It’s up to us now – let’s follow in suite by showing love to these businesses, because they deserve it!

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