Wellness in Focus: Imani Nicole’s Los Angeles Brand Photoshoot for Breath-work, Yoga, and Meditation Instructors” I’m excited to talk about Imani Nicole’s recent brand photoshoot for breathwork, yoga, and meditation instructors in Los Angeles. Imani is an instructor and mental health and wellness advocate, who is passionate about empowering individuals to cultivate a healthy mind […]

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Imani Nicole |Los Angeles brand photoshoot for wellness providers

What if I never planned a photo shoot for my business? So one thing that has probably been holding you back from doing a branding shoot is you have never done one. You have either been doing the DIY thing or popping up at random photo events or just hiding behind the camera. Are you […]


Importance of Planning a Photoshoot for Your Business: What You’re Missing Out On | LA Branding Photos

It’s no secret: minority- and women-owned businesses have huge potential to make an immense impact on the economy. But many don’t get the recognition they deserve, especially in Los Angeles, where small business owners can be overshadowed by larger companies. Here at K. Gill Photo, we’re determined to change that – starting by looking into […]


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