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At K.Gill  Photo, We specialize in creating unique personalized experience that captures your brand’s personality, highlighting the best features of yourself or your company for business professional, entrepreneurs, and creatives in the Los Angeles area to level up there business photos and standout and be seen by their ideal client 


Your personalized personal branding session!


Capture your brand’s personality

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Elevate your brand presence 

Photos that speak to your brand. 

We know how it feels to not have quality images that represent your brand, and to feel unseen by your ideal clients. Elevated your brand & stand out 

Are you looking to grow and elevate your business brand? 



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Spark A new confidence with personalized branding images 

Branding sessions starting at  $799

Creative direction and brand planning
Mood board
1 -2 hr Photography session 
The Gilded photo studio

Our studio Space 

Located in Downtown Los Angeles

Gilded photo studio is the perfect place for entrepreneurs and creatives to capture stunning shots that will make their personal branding shine. Whether its natural light or otherwise, this photography studio provides a cozy atmosphere designed with creative photoshoots in mind!

800 sq foot space
Exposed brick
Natural light
Fire escape 
Glam area

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  Do you want to stand out among your competition and make a lasting impression?



Stand out with photos that capture your unique brand voice


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Kenisha Gill Southern California-based personal brand photography and business strategy service that empowers entrepreneurs to confidently showcase themselves as the face of their business. We help our clients attract their dream customers and get back to what they love doing by taking care of the personal brand photography and business strategy side of things.

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Personal Branding + Business Headshots

Questions + Answers 

How much should i invest in my personal bradn shoot?

If you want your personal brand to make a lasting impact, investing in more than just photography services is the way to go! Don't neglect details like finding an amazing makeup artist and stylist for that perfect look, props tailored specifically for creating stunning visuals; combined with top-notch web design and $1500 on average of professional photoshoots - this investment will guarantee long term success.

What kind of backgrounds or locations are best for personal branding shoots?

To effectively plan for your branding session you chose a branding package that fits your business needs. Define your brand messaging, pLan out your outfits. get your makeuop and hair done so you can feel the best. Bring props and your brand items. If you want to add more personality to your photos, you can bring props like books, plants, or anything that represents you or your brand. Be yourself: Remember that the most important thing is to be yourself. The goal is to create authentic images

Can’t I just use a headshot for my personal brand?

A headshot is typically a single, static image that focuses only on your face and shoulders, whereas a personal branding shoot can include a variety of poses and settings that help to communicate different aspects of your brand.
a headshot could be used as a part of a personal branding shoot, but it's not the only image that you should use to represent your personal brand.

Why do I need a personal branding shoot?

Crafting a powerful personal brand starts with visually communicating your unique values, personality, and message to the right people. Investing in professional photography for this purpose will not only build trust but also help create an eye-catching visual identity that sticks in viewers' minds. Plus you'll have a whole range of images at your disposal so you can make sure every post is on point!

What’s the difference between a headshot and a personal branding?

A headshot is a photograph of a person's head and shoulders, typically used for professional or business purposes, such as a profile picture on a social media platform, or on a company website. A personal branding shoot is a photo shoot that is specifically designed to visually communicate a person's personal brand, which includes their unique values, personality, and message. 

When it comes to securing your session, how much lead time do you need? Don't wait too long or else risk missing out on the perfect opportunity!

Give your brand the time it deserves! Plan your branding session for at least 2 weeks out. This will allow enough time for the brand discovery call, mood board design, and marketing shot list to insure a great branding session.

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We help businesses create a brand identity with professionally customized photo experience 




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